Hero Golf Challenge

Posted by khrishan on 2017-07-16

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Now this isn’t ‘exactly’ what I meant when I came up with this item. I imagined sitting in a ‘theatre like’ audience watching a television show kind of like Mock the Week, Saturday Night Takeaway, Price is Right - shows like that. I have applied to be on shows like this - so hopefully that ‘dream’ will come true some day.

However, this version of events is actually more suited to me - and some would say a better way of completing this item.

Whilst at University, there were four of us whom played golf every Sunday at Boughton Golf Club. They had a deal with the University which allowed us to pay an extra £100 on top of our University Sport membership and we had the equivalent of a Gold Membership at Boughton (worth £1000+). This meant we could book any tee off times we liked and play whenever we wanted.

Anyway, one of us had a girlfriend (now ex) who used to apply to be part of lots of TV audiences. One of them turned out to be for this mini event called the Hero Golf Challenge. It was held a few days before the British Masters took place.

The format was a knockout between some of the world’s best golfers - the winner took a £10,000 cash prize.

It was held at The Grove - a beautiful (and expensive) golf course where a typical round in the summer could cost up to £199. 😮 The organisers had shortened the 18th Hole into a Par 3 - which would be the venue for the whole event.

We got there early - which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The first benefit was that we got to see some of the golfers on their practice rounds. (Picture below). That was worth the price of admission anyway - but another benefit was that we were early enough to get seats in the grandstand right by the 18th green. (Oh and the food was pretty good/expensive as well)

On our way to the grandstand, we realised that there was spare bit of fence that was even closer to the green - so we decided to stand there instead (which AGAIN will prove an added bonus).

We watched the event and it was good. There were these LED lights and what was amazing to see was that you could see the white ball disappear into the distance.

I got photos with Andy Sullivan (My favourite golfer - he is such a lad), Andrew Johnston (aka Beefy). Funny thing about Beefy was that after he got knocked out of the competition, he came and had photos with us, and then went to sit in the grandstand and cheered on the other competitions. All he needed was a beer! :P

There was a ‘celebrity’ aspect of the event. This is where Shane Warne, Piers Morgan and Kevin Pietersen were in attendance and playing under the same format and pressure.

I got to keep Piers Morgan’s golf ball (which I subsequently lost on the old 13th at Boughton the following Sunday 😂 but I did get a photo with my namesake KEVIN PIETERSEN!!! (wouldn’t have got that if I was in the grandstand)

All in all, it was a top evening’s entertainment. Alex Levy won the whole thing. There is a link to the Sky Sports write up on the event HERE

Thanks to Lewis for getting the tickets for the event!

Thanks for reading :) x