Prague 2017

Posted by khrishan on 2017-10-08

Although I was in Prague on business, I still managed to do some touristy stuff in the evenings.

The weather whilst I was out there was amazing (until I was flying back - then it turned all British) - so I was able to get out in the evenings, and go for walks around Prague and go discover parts of the city.

As the days went by, (also when I realised I could use my data/minutes free of charge abroad in the EU), I started to walk further out from the city.

This was the first time, but most certainly not the last time I will be visiting this amazing city.

Rather than going through 'everything' I did, I've put a image viewer at the bottom of the page with everything. However, I will highlight some things that I did that will tick off some bucket list items.

Hard Rock Cafe

Just before getting to the Old Town Square - I found a Hard Rock Cafe! Although I know they are everywhere, it still took me by surprise. So, seeing as the company was paying, I decided to have a meal at Hard Rock Cafe.

Not going to lie, I don’t see what the huge fuss is about. The food wasn’t that great (at least it was filling). At least now I can say I’ve “been there - and got the t-shirt” (cause I did ;)).

Pork Knee

On the Wednesday, my work colleages took me to the Prague Beer Museum - which in all honesty, looked like a pub, but had A LOT of different beers and bottles. In particular, it serves 6 different beers on tap every day. So we went through those 6 before getting some food from there. But not just any normal food, we got a Pork Knee each - yep thats right - a PORK KNEE.

It was huge! (878g in fact) - and tasted amazing! Highly recommended.

Order Room Service

On the Wednesday, we went out and expereinced the Prague night life - so the next day, it was safe to say I was worse for wear :P. Having said that, I still got into work for 8:30am and left at 4pm ;). I was feeling a bit rough, so I decided to stay in the hotel that evening. As soon as I got in, I fell asleep and work up at around 8pm. I didn't feel like going outside (plus it was raining) so I ordered room service.

I'll be honest, the food wasn't great - dry in fact. But at least now I can say I've done it - perhaps when I'm earning millions I order room service again when I'm staing in the Ritz but until then... best to go out and order food ;)

Here are my pictures.

Thanks for reading :) x