Sri Lanka 2012

Posted by khrishan on 2018-12-09

*** RETRO POST ***

This is one of my posts, where I write it years after the event - just so I can tick off a few bucket list items.

When I was in high school, I had the chance of going to Sri Lanka on a cricketing tour. I had the honour of being the touring captain also.

The highlights (well, I say they were the highlights, as I remember them six years after the event) are summarised below :


It was a cricket tour after all!

Our team record was as follows : Won 2 Lost 1 No Result 1 (rained off)

I do have one slight thing I should own up to. The two games that we played, our level of opposition, were questionable... in the sense that they were a lot younger than us.

This was because of the 'level' that our coach put us at when we paid Gullivers to arrange the tour. Essentially, our level was a lot lower than what it should have been, and we were playing, essentially, a lot of 11 year olds.

When we got to the third game, we came up against a much older, much more arrogant team. They had one opening bat, who basically went for everything at the top of the order. Once we got him out, the game was lost by then.

A few things I noticed whilst playing cricket in Sri Lanka :

  • IT'S FLIPPING HOT! But seriously, we were having drinks breaks every 5 overs. We were melting away. It's the first time I've had a cold shower, and dried off, without the use of a towel, within 15 minutes, ever.

  • We went on tour at the beginning of Monsoon season. So all our games had to be finished by 1pm - why? Cause after that, it would rain for 10 minutes like it was Armageddon.

  • The grass is different to what we are used to in England (bit obvious seeing as its a different country after all). The grass was 'weedy', which meant fielding on it was a nightmare.

  • We made it in the paper! You can see the image in the image viewer at the bottom of this post.

We also visited the 'MCC Centre of Excellence. This was a charity / foundation that was set up after the Tsunami hit on Boxing Day in 2006. They had a gallery on the wall with all the donations they had made to them. We donated a few clothes and gave them a playing shirt in our honour. (I do remember them sending a photo of them hanging it up - pretty sure it was a temporary arrangement).

Jet Ski

It wasn't all cricket - we also did some fun activities. Under this header, I'll put two - white water rafting and jet skiing.

The white water rafting was a really fun day out. We split up into teams and each of us made it down the river. Here's a photo:

My friends and I doing White Water Rafting

The one I remember more was the Jet Skiing. There was a chance we couldn't have done this, seeing as it was raining on the day. Thankfully, health & safety were 'non-existant'. :D

We went on a river with a guide. Boy, did it HURT!.

Jet skiing in the rain is fine if the rain is behind you, but if you are riding into it - it feels like darts are being thrown at you as you ride up the river. There was a point when I was riding the jet ski with my eyes closed.

Jet Skiing!

There's also a photo of a super skinny me. If only...

Skinny Me


We vistied two places that had elephants. One was an elephant sanctuary - where elephants are raised and looked after. There's a hilarious photo of one of the elephants putting his 'trunk near my junk'.

Elephant putting his trunk near my junk

We then went to another place, where we could ride an elephant. This was an amazing, and again, painful experience. It reminded me of cycling - my buttocks and nether regions were sore after that experience. Here's a photo:

Riding an Elephant


We stayed in three different hotels during our time in Sri Lanka, their names I do not remember at all.

The first one was the best of them all. Apparently, the England Cricket Team stay have stayed in the same hotel whilst they have been touring Sri Lanka.

What makes it the best hotel of them all is that is was on top of a hill, and the view was insane!

Poolside view from the first hotel

The second hotel was a lot more busy and frantic. We were amazed as to how many weddings were going on there! (I think a few of our guys made an apperance at a couple of those weddings :D). Here's my favourite photo from that hotel:

I'm with stupid image.

The third hotel, argubaly, was the one we had the most jokes in. There is a certain video, in which we all hid and one of the guys, ordered room service and acted like a prat - whilst in his boxers. (We were weird, looking back now, I have no idea why it was so funny :?)

Amazing experience. Really wish I could go on tour again...

Thanks for reading :) x